Filter and sort events with Advanced Post Manager

A popular feature request we hear from the community is to expand the ways that Events posts can be sorted and filtered from the WordPress dashboard. This is so popular in fact, that we created a separate plugin called Advanced Post Manager (APM) a while back and started shipping it with The Events Calendar PRO. We even open-sourced APM so anyone could use it for any registered custom post type in WordPress.

This was a great solution for a long time, until we started to notice that APM was growing up and maturing on its own. And, like any child who grows up, it needed to spread its wings and fly- so we decided to break APM off from The Events Calendar PRO

You may have noticed this when updating to The Events Calendar PRO 3.10. You may have even asked out loud, "Hey, what the heck happened to the sorting features for events?"

We're going to cover how to get started with APM on your site and set it up to work with Events.

Update and activate all the things

First off, please update The Events Calendar and its add-ons, including The Events Calendar PRO, to version 3.10 or newer. Running anything lower includes an older version of APM, which is what we want to avoid here.

Now that you're running the latest and greatest of The Events Calendar, go download, install and activate the Advanced Post Manager plugin version 3.10 or newer.

Head over to Events → All Events from the WordPress dashboard. This will take you the list of all your events posts. Right above that list, you should see a meta box called Filters & Columns. That might be collapsed for you, so go ahead and expand it to see APM in all its glory.


Customize the list to meet your needs

Advanced Post Manager gives you a huge amount of control over the list of events. As well as letting you add and remove various columns to help tailor the view to your needs, you can also setup advanced filtering by applying special rules to any of the following columns:

  • Title
  • Organizer
  • Venue
  • Event Categories
  • Recurring
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Event Cost

Removing and adding columns is easy. Just clear them from the Active Filters area in the Filters & Columns box above the list. Similarly, any of those options can be added as columns by selecting them from the "Add a Column" menu.


Creating saved filters

APM also allows you to created saved custom filters based on any combination of available filters. For example, here's how we would create a reusable filter that only displays events organized by a specific organizer.


Wrapping up

We hope you enjoy the greatly improved and newly independent version of Advanced Post Manager. We see this as the first step for allowing APM to getting better over time and we're excited about all the opportunities it opens for The Events Calendar as well.