Selling tickets from the WooCommerce products page

When you sell tickets with Tickets Plus and WooCommerce, each individual ticket is actually a fully fledged WooCommerce product.

However, to provide a nice, smooth experience for your customers we do not normally let them view the actual WooCommerce-generated product page. Instead, they choose the number of tickets they wish to have from right on the event page and then proceed straight to the cart/checkout screens.

That's not always desirable - you might wish to make use of a WooCommerce add-on (or even a built-in feature) that only swings into effect in the context of the actual WooCommerce product page. The good news is that you can set things up so customers can view that page and order tickets from there.

  • First off, don't neglect to familiarize yourself with The Themer's Guide which covers many of the basic steps you need to know when customizing The Events Calendar and plugins like WooCommerce Tickets
  • Next, you need to add a little code (to your theme's functions.php file, for example) that will allow customers to access the actual product pages for tickets
  • Last but not least, you'll probably still want to link to the relevant product pages from within the single event page. To do that you could customize the wootickets/tickets.php template, making it look something like this (basic example).

With that done, customers can now proceed to the product page to make their ticket purchases, helping you to leverage other add-ons or implement special customizations.

Taking it further

The astute reader may realize that we now have a template that lists all tickets for an event and links directly to the actual product page - and wonder why we can't provide those same links directly from a different view, such as list view (thus further reducing the number of steps the visitor has to follow).

In fact, this is relatively easy and, as a further customization, a snippet like this one could be embedded within a suitable template like list/single-event.php. This would list any tickets right from list view and let users jump straight to the actual product page.

Please do remember though that this is only a rough guide and the idea is to give you a starting point. If you need to do something slightly different or build something more advanced then we'll need to leave it to you to work out the details!