Renewing an expired license/subscription

If you've got an expired license or subscription, you'll need to renew it so that you can continue getting automatic updates, downloads, and premium support access. By default, all product subscriptions are set to renew each year on your original date of purchase. We'll send you an email when your subscription is about to renew so that you'll know exactly when to expect it. If automatic renewal is disabled on one or more of your license keys, those licenses will instead expire on your previous renewal date.

You can always check the status and renewal date of your license(s) from your account's License Keys page. Any expired licenses you may have on your account can be renewed from the same location.

Renewing from Your License Keys Page

Let's walk through the basic renewal process. As an example, we'll use this Event Tickets Plus Personal license which expired on October 2nd, 2017.

Display of expired license on

To renew the license, simply click the blue Renew License button on the right. This will take you directly to the checkout page. Review your billing information, accept the Terms and Conditions, and hit Place Order. Now, if you look at your License Keys page, you'll see that your subscription for this license has been reactivated.

Display of active subscription on

Please note that the renewal process cannot be used to transfer subscriptions from one account to another. Subscriptions and license keys are linked to specific accounts, and you must renew a license key from the same account that was used for the original purchase. If you should need assistance with a license key transfer, please reach out to us directly at the email below.

⚠️ If an automatic subscription payment fails due to a refused charge from your bank or credit card company, any license keys associated with that subscription will be immediately deactivated. For further assistance with issues related to failed payments, please contact our support team at the email below.

If you should have trouble renewing a license, you can email us at support (at) Please include your username so we can take a look at your account.