Fixing HTTP 404 errors

On occasion some event pages might start display a 404 - Not found page instead of the events. If this is happening to you please follow these steps to troubleshoot. Most folks can stop after step 1 because it will be fixed!

  1. Flush permalinks
  2. Less common solutions
  3. Further diagnostic steps

If most pages/posts on your site are working as expected and it seems like only event pages are being impacted, then it's possible that all you need to do is refresh your permalink settings. Even if you're already using pretty permalinks, you'll want to refresh your permalink settings:

  1. Login to the WordPress admin area
  2. Visit the Settings > Permalinks screen
  3. Select the Post Name option from the list of common settings (or another one of the non-Default options)
  4. Save the changes

KB - 404 permalinks

Now navigate to your main events page and ensure it and any other event pages such as alternative views or single event posts work as expected. If so, you can skip the rest of this guide.

Less common solutions

In the rare scenario where the above did not help, here are some more solutions that frequently work for those less common 404 - Page Not Found issues.

Further diagnostic steps

If none of the above solutions worked, here are some excellent ways you can collect more information about your setup and problem. With that extra information in hand, make a post to our help desk detailing the information you have collected and the steps you have tried.

  • Are all pages on your site encountering 404 errors, or just event pages? If it is all pages on your site, you might need to contact your hosting provider or server administrator.
  • Can you post a copy of your System Information from the WP Admin > Events > Settings > Help: System Information box? If you have input a license key for one our plugins in the Licenses page, make sure to remove or redact it from the system information text before sharing via our public help desk.
  • Try pasting this snippet into your theme's functions.php file. This will output some diagnostic information about the event pages WP Queries. On the pages that returns a 404 append "?tribe_query_debug=true" to the end of the events URL in your browser address bar. Please note, some 404 pages actually redirect you to a different URL, so when you click on a link like "" you are taken to a URL such as "". After adding this snippet to your theme, can you share a link to the event page that returns a 404 via our help desk? This extra diagnostic info is a huge help. Once your problem has been fixed you should remove this snippet from your functions.php file.
  • Try switching your permalink settings to default. Does that fix it? If so, mention this if you open a topic.