Moving to Event Tickets Plus

With the release of The Events Calendar 4.0 we also released two new ticketing plugins: Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus. Event Tickets is a free basic ticketing plugin, and Event Tickets Plus is a premium add-on that comes with more features and support.

Before 4.0, we had four similar premium ticketing plugins: WooCommerce Tickets, EDD Tickets, WPEC Tickets, and Shopp Tickets. With Event Tickets Plus, you can sell tickets as you did before with the other plugins, and use the e-commerce plugin of your choice. While we will continue to support the four legacy plugins, we will not be updating them. All future features will be released in Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus.

Happily, any user who has a valid license for any of the four legacy plugins automatically gets a valid license for Event Tickets Plus. The license will be the same level as your existing one, and have a matching expiration date. This means that users of our legacy ticketing plugins can easily switch to Event Tickets Plus, and get access to new features and future updates. 


User account showing the auto-generated Event Tickets Plus license under the existing WooCommerce Tickets license.

Transitioning to Event Tickets Plus

We worked hard to make the move from the legacy ticketing plugins to Event Tickets Plus as seamless and stress-free as possible. The steps below will walk you through the process.

In our testing, events that currently had ticket sales in progress transitioned gracefully to using Event Tickets Plus, without loss of attendee or order information. That said, we recommend that if possible, you make this move when you do not have any ticket sales active. If that is not possible, we'd recommend that you export your order and attendee info for those events, just in case.

Ready to make the move to Event Tickets Plus? Just follow these steps:

  1. Download Event Tickets from the directory
  2. Download Event Tickets Plus from your account's downloads page
  3. Install Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus on your site, but don't activate them yet
  4. Deactivate your legacy ticketing plugin (e.g. WooCommerce Tickets). Do not deactivate the associated e-commerce plugin.
  5. Activate Event Tickets
  6. Activate Event Tickets Plus
  7. Go to Events --> Settings --> License Keys. Enter the Event Tickets Plus license key from your license keys page in the empty field. Click the button to save your changes.

That's it, you're done! With the new license key in place, your site will have access to future updates of Event Tickets Plus, and all the great features it has to offer.


Want to learn more about Event Tickets Plus? Check out the New User Primer! If you need further help, you can post to our help desk.

Upgrading or Renewing

Your new Event Tickets Plus license has all the same capabilities for upgrades and renewals as our regular licenses. If you need to extend the license for another year, you can renew the license from your account's license keys page. If you want to be able to use Event Tickets Plus on more sites than your current license level allows, you can upgrade the license level. For both renewals and upgrades you will automatically receive a discount on your purchase.

Need further help with the process? We have a walkthrough for renewing a license and another on upgrading a license to help you out.