Change the text for iCal and Google Calendar export buttons

Let's say you want to change the labels for the Google Calendar and iCal download buttons on a single event page. You've seen them before when looking at one of the events on your site. They pop up just below the content for the event and look a little something like this:

KB - download links


If you've poked around the plugin files, you might be driving yourself mad trying to find out where to change those labels and that's because you won't find them there. Thankfully, there's a pretty handy snippet you can add to your theme's functions.php file to change those labels.

This  snippet does the following:

  • Changes "Google Calendar" to "Export the Map"
  • Changed "iCal Export" to "Export to Calendar"

Of course, you can edit the snippet to have those labels say anything you want.

// Changes the text labels for Google Calendar and iCal buttons on a single event page
remove_action( 'tribe_events_single_event_after_the_content', array( tribe( 'tec.iCal' ), 'single_event_links' ) );

add_action( 'tribe_events_single_event_after_the_content', 'customized_tribe_single_event_links' );

function customized_tribe_single_event_links()	{

	if ( is_single() && post_password_required() ) {

	echo '<div class="tribe-events-cal-links">';
	echo '<a class="tribe-events-gcal tribe-events-button" href="' . tribe_get_gcal_link() . '" title="' . __( 'Add to Google Calendar', 'tribe-events-calendar-pro' ) . '">+ Export the Map </a>';
	echo '<a class="tribe-events-ical tribe-events-button" href="' . tribe_get_single_ical_link() . '">+ Export to Calendar </a>';
	echo '</div>';