Create a Message

Create a message by clicking into the event for that message, then click on the Create Message button on the screen. Clicking the button will open the message editor. - Select recipients of this message - Choose the attendees who will receive the message. The options will provide the attendee lists for this and other events. All attendee lists contain people who have purchased a ticket for the event. - Who is sending this email? - Set the name and email address that appears in the To l...

Merge Tags

Merge tags are a feature that allow you to customize a message with details about the event or personalize the message to the person receiving it. For example, let’s say that you want to include the name of the attendee in the greeting of the message and the start date of the event in the body. Adding those merge tags to the content will be replaced with the actual information of those tags when the message is sent out. Types of Merge Tags There are merge tags for several types of inform...

Send and Schedule Messages

Once you’ve created a message, previewed it and are ready to send it out to your attendee list, it’s time to schedule the message. There are two options for sending messages. Send Immediately If you’re ready to send a message right away, then Promoter has an option to skip the scheduling and send immediately. Choosing this option will give you a chance to confirm that you are ready to send the message before it actually goes out. This helps prevent sending a message by accident. Sel...

Cancel a Message

Scheduled messages can be canceled any time before they send. From the dashboard, click on the event then on the message to get to the message editor. There is a “Cancel Scheduling” link in the scheduling options that will immediately remove scheduling from the message, return the message to a draft, and take you back to the list of messages for that event.

Deleting Messages

To delete a message that has been created for an event, click the “Delete” link at the top of the message editor: Promoter will confirm the delete before it actually happens: Please note: Confirming the deleted message will permanently remove it. Deleting a message cannot be undone.

Message Template Settings

Customize the appearance and settings of the email that is sent to attendees on the Template screen. The settings are organized in three sections: header, content and footer. Header The header is the area above the content in the email. Use a text based logo. Enabling this will allow you to type into the email header instead of uploading an image. By default, this option is disabled which allows you to upload an image to the header. We recommend using an image with a transparent backg...

Message Reports

Promoter provides the number of times all emails for an event have been opened and the number of times links those emails have been clicked. They are accessible on the dashboard when first logging in. Click into the event to get reports for each individual message that has been sent for that event.