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New User Primer: Event Aggregator

The Events Calendar 4.3 and above comes with an importing tool called Event Aggr
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New User Primer: Filter Bar

Ready to get started with Filter Bar? We’ve got you covered! The steps below wil
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New User Primer: Eventbrite Tickets

Ready to get started with Eventbrite Tickets? We’ve got you covered! The steps b
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New User Primer: Community Tickets

Excited to get started with Community Tickets? We’re here to help! The steps bel
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New User Primer: Community Events

Ready to get started with Community Events? We’ve got you covered! The steps bel
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New User Primer: The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO

Just starting out with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO? These steps
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New User Primer: Event Tickets & Event Tickets Plus

Just starting out with Event Tickets or Event Tickets Plus? These steps will hel
Home -> Event Tickets

Important Settings for The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO

You can access the settings for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO from
Home -> Events Calendar PRO

Changing email address and other user account related data

We frequently get requests from people who have locked themselves out of their a
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Change the default start/end time for new events

When you create a new event The Events Calendar will make a number of assumption
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How Can I Request a New Feature or Report an Issue?

Have an idea for a new feature or a suggestion to make Promoter better? See some
Home -> Promoter -> FAQ

Customize the ‘From’ name and from email address of the RSVP email sent to the user

Description When an email is sent from a WordPress site, then usually the send
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Free Support Resources

We strive to provide our users with the best experience possible. As such, we’ve
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Configuring Eventbrite Tickets

The Eventbrite Tickets plugin allows us to quickly create events on your WordPre
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Importing events from

Eventbrite Tickets (
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Setting Up Your Google Maps API Key

Since June 2018, Google has required the use of an API key to use Google Maps fe
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Styling events widgets

In this post, we will look at styling events widgets provided by The Events Cale
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Making Tickets

Creating tickets with Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus is easy and fast. Thi
Home -> Event Tickets Plus

Moving to Event Aggregator

With the release of The Events Calendar 4.3, we have a fabulous new importer too
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Moving to Event Tickets Plus

With the release of The Events Calendar 4.0 we also released two new ticketing p
Home -> Event Tickets Plus

Community Events Shortcodes

Community Events (
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What support is provided for license holders?

We have a dedicated help desk (
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Managing Imported Events

The purpose of this guide is to walk through the various ways in which events ca
Home -> Event Aggregator

Finding and Inputting Your License Key

When purchasing a subscription for one or more of our plugins, your license shou
Home -> General

Using QR codes with Event Tickets Plus

One of the most useful added features of Event Tickets Plus (https://theeventsca
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Display a List of Attendee's Events

As of Event Tickets Plus 4.2, you can require people to log in before being able
Home -> Event Tickets Plus

Setting Overview: Community Events

As a site admin, you have a number of controls over how frontend event submissio
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Creating a hub site with Event Aggregator

If you've used Event Aggregator to import events from third-party sources such a
Home -> Event Aggregator

Managing Community Events submissions

After a user submits an event via the Community Event form, a new event post is
Home -> Community Events

Setting up reCAPTCHA for Community Events

Opening up your calendars to user event submissions with Community Events is a g
Home -> Community Events