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HTTP 404 errors and SEO

Lots of people make use of Google Webmaster Tools and other similar online servi
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Fixing HTTP 404 errors

On occasion some event pages might start display a 404 - Not found page instead
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Using Google Chrome Developer Tools

When troubleshooting a problem on your site, it is essential that you have power
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Common error messages

Are you getting crazy looking error message from The Events Calendar? Here are s
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Calendar displays in mobile view on desktop/tablet screen sizes

Under certain circumstances, when viewing your events pages in the default Month
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"Other URL" Import Errors in Event Aggregator

ERROR MESSAGE #1 Events could not be imported. The requested URL does not sup
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Troubleshooting Google Maps

Is your website unable to load Google Maps or do you see events located in the o
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Event Tickets Plus: ticket stock troubleshooting

The most used eCommerce platform for our Event Tickets Plus (
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Why we don't offer phone support

We have a dedicated support team of more than a dozen people who are available v
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Testing for conflicts

We work hard to make our plugins broadly compatible. However, like all WordPress
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Downgrading a plugin to a past version

Sometimes you need to downgrade a plugin to a previous version. Perhaps your the
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Required Fields for Events Submission Form

⚠️ Please Note: This tutorial is only suggested as a starting place. You'll need
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Solution for Error: Publishing failed on PHP 5.6

For sites running PHP 5.6, sometimes you can run into errors like "Publishing fa
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Problems with Minification

Some WordPress plugins or web hosts minify your scripts and stylesheets, which c
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Version compatibility

For proper plugin functionality, it's important to run compatible versions of Th
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Tribe Settings API

This is documentation for the new TribeSettings API available in The Events Cale
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Setting up The Events Calendar with WPML

At the time of writing, the popular WPML plugin is compatible with the following
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New User Primer: Community Events

Ready to get started with Community Events? We’ve got you covered! The steps bel
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New User Primer: Filter Bar

Ready to get started with Filter Bar? We’ve got you covered! The steps below wil
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Troubleshooting the most common installation issues

Are you having trouble installing one of our plugins? Don't worry, we can help!
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New User Primer: Eventbrite Tickets

Ready to get started with Eventbrite Tickets? We’ve got you covered! The steps b
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New User Primer: Event Tickets & Event Tickets Plus

Just starting out with Event Tickets or Event Tickets Plus? These steps will hel
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New User Primer: The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO

Just starting out with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO? These steps
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New User Primer: Community Tickets

Excited to get started with Community Tickets? We’re here to help! The steps bel
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PHP Version Requirement Changes

We have decided to change our minimum required PHP version from 5.2 to 5.6. This
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Best Practices for Implementing Custom Code Snippets

Have a custom code snippet you want to implement on your site? Welcome to WordPr
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Settings overview: Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus

Before using Event Tickets, you'll want to make sure that you have the plugin se
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Community Tickets: Configuring PayPal Adaptive Payments (Legacy)

If you already have a live, approved PayPal Adaptive Payments account then you c
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Creating and using a WordPress staging site

Have you logged in to your site and been tempted to click on all the places wher
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Settings Overview: The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO

You can access the settings for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO from
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