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Events Calendar Widgets

You'll find events calendar widgets available in both The Events Calendar and Ev
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Styling events widgets

In this post, we will look at styling events widgets provided by The Events Cale
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Configuring the Event List Widget

We're going to go over the Event List Widget in this tutorial, including how to
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Show more than ten events in Advanced List Widget

The Advanced List Widget (
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Configuring the Calendar Widget

We're going to take a look at the Events Calendar widget, also known as the Mini
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Add event content to an event widget

One customization request we've seen come up regularly is how to add post conten
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Configuring the This Week Widget

The This Week widget is a feature that comes bundled with The Events Calendar PR
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Configuring Filter Bar

Congratulations on picking up the Filter Bar add on! You’re probably excited to
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Configuring Eventbrite Tickets

The Eventbrite Tickets plugin allows us to quickly create events on your WordPre
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Configuring the Events Countdown Widget

The Events Countdown widget is a handy little widget that allows you to select a
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Configuring the Featured Venue Widget

The Featured Venue widget shows off a specific saved venue in a sidebar and disp
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Configuring The Events Calendar with constants

Every time WordPress runs, a number of key settings are loaded into memory, such
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Have the List Widget display the most recently added events

Both the standard List Widget (in The Events Calendar) and its advanced cousin (
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Configuring Community Tickets

The Community Tickets settings can be found under Events > Settings. The setting
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Tips for configuring your ecommerce plugin

Our premium ticketing plugin, Event Tickets Plus, can be used with a third-party
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Can You Have Multiple Calendars?

We're often asked if you can have multiple event calendars on your site. As of v
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Configuring Tribe Commerce with PayPal

To start receiving payments for your tickets using Tribe Commerce, you need to e
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Add thumbnails to upcoming events List Widget

Without Events Calendar Pro The Events Calendar ships with a simple, but neat
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Calendar widget overflows the sidebar

Sometimes the calendar widget is larger than your sidebars. Commonly this is bec
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Community Tickets: Configuring PayPal Adaptive Payments (Legacy)

If you already have a live, approved PayPal Adaptive Payments account then you c
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The Events Calendar with Jetpack

Jetpack ( is an incredibly popular plugin—or rather a set of p
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Events Calendar PRO Widget Shortcodes Overview

In WordPress, widgets can typically be placed in a sidebar or footer. Events Cal
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Horizontal List Widget with Featured Images

Our friend Sallie Goetsch (aka WPfangirl ( is using The E
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How to Make Your Calendar Your Site's Home Page

By default, The Events Calendar places its calendar at a specified URL on your s
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New User Primer: Event Tickets & Event Tickets Plus

Just starting out with Event Tickets or Event Tickets Plus? These steps will hel
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New User Primer: The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO

Just starting out with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO? These steps
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Community Tickets: Split Payments

Collecting fees There are three ways to collect fees from ticket sales. The de
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New User Primer: Filter Bar

Ready to get started with Filter Bar? We’ve got you covered! The steps below wil
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PRO Additional Fields

When creating your events, do you ever find yourself wishing there was a way to
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Guía para Personalizar los Plugins

Looking for the English version? Click here (https://support.theeventscalendar.c
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