Community Tickets

Configuring Community Tickets

The Community Tickets settings can be found under Events > Settings. The settings for Community Events are at the top of the page, and Community Tickets settings are below that. We've got an overview of the Community Events settings in a separate article. Here we focus on the Community Tickets settings only. The most important setting for Community Events is the Enable Community Tickets checkbox. You must check this box and save the settings page in order to enable the Community Tickets feat...

Community Tickets: Configuring PayPal Split Payments

If you already have a live, approved PayPal Adaptive Payments account then you can continue to use this feature, however it is no longer possible for new Adaptive Payments accounts to be created. We're investigating replacements for this service. One of the most handy features of our Community Tickets plugin is its support for split payments, powered by PayPal's chained payments. This feature is briefly touched on in another of our Knowledgebase articles (

New User Primer: Community Tickets

Excited to get started with Community Tickets? We’re here to help! The steps below will guide you through setting up and using your new features! Like all of our premium Events add-ons, Community Tickets requires The Events Calendar ( to be installed on your site. Additionally, Community Tickets requires you to have Community Events ( with Event Tickets ...