WooCommerce-Specific Ticket Settings

As with any type of product, when tickets are purchased the resulting order moves through a number of different stages, each marked by a different status. The WooCommerce Codex provides a complete list of those statuses, but here are some key ones:

  • Payment Pending: The order is placed, but the funds have not yet been received
  • On Hold: Stock has been reduced, but payment has not yet been confirmed
  • Completed: Payment received and stock reduced

The exact statuses used in any given transaction can vary; what's important is that Event Tickets Plus uses order statuses to decide when attendee records should be generated and when tickets should be sent to the customer.

The plugin ships with some default statuses on which to do those actions. But in certain cases, it may be desirable to adjust these statuses.

Locating and Adjusting the Settings

To configure the order statuses on which these actions are performed, first head to the Events > Settings > Tickets screen in your wp-admin:

☝️ The first set of checkboxes dictates when an attendee record (the entry you see in the attendee screen) is created.
The second determines when the user should be emailed their tickets.

Typically—and by default—more than one status is selected. As soon as an order is set to one of those statuses, the appropriate action will take place. Critically, each action takes place just once: in other words, tickets will not be emailed to customers multiple times.

An Example

Let's suppose you set up the following configuration:

  • When to generate the attendee records:
    Pending Payment, On Hold, Completed
  • When to send the emails:
    On Hold, Completed

A common sequence in the life cycle of an order would be for it to start at Pending Payment before progressing to Completed. In such a scenario, these settings would result in the attendee record being generated first and the tickets being emailed later, once payment has been confirmed.

They would equally accommodate a situation where an order is created manually and is immediately set to a Completed status: the attendee records would be generated and the ticket emails dispatched at the same time.

Handling PayPal Orders:

To avoid having duplicated attendees, we've included the ability to have a 5-second delay before tickets are sent. If you are using Paypal with WooCommerce, enabling this delay is advised. 


  • These settings are only available to users of Event Tickets Plus who also have WooCommerce activated
  • At this time, at least one option must be selected for both settings; it is not possible to uncheck everything. This restriction may be lifted in future releases of Event Tickets Plus.