Removing "Free" from Event Cost Range

If your event has RSVPs or free tickets in addition to paid tickets (say the most expensive ticket is $10), then the cost range for that event will show as "Free - $10" by default. In some cases, showing the event as potentially being free might not be ideal.

🔔 Beware: if you have 3 costs, say, [ 'free', $1, $2 ] it will only show $2 - it skips over the whole minimum costs. It would only display $2.

You can remove "Free" from the cost by adding the following snippet to the functions.php file of your child theme:

 * Grabs the cost early in the process and if the cost is 0 or free,
 * replaces the min cost with the max cost so the range doesn't show.
 * Note this means that if you have more than two costs, it will only show the max.
function tribe_not_show_free_or_dash( $cost, $event_id ) {
    // This removes ALL ocurrances of "Free" and ' - ' if cost = 0 or cost contains "Free
    if ( $cost == 0 || false !== stripos( strtolower( $cost ), 'free' ) ) {
        /* var Tribe__Cost_Utils $cost_utils */
        $cost_utils = tribe( 'cost-utils' );
        /* var Tribe__Events__Cost_Utils $tec_cost_utils */
        $tec_cost_utils = tribe( 'tec.cost-utils' );
        $costs = $tec_cost_utils->get_event_costs( $event_id );
        $relevant_costs = array(
            'min' => $cost_utils->get_minimum_cost( $costs ),
            'max' => $cost_utils->get_maximum_cost( $costs ),
        if ( $relevant_costs['min'] == $cost ) {
            $cost = $relevant_costs['max'];
    return $cost;
add_filter ( 'tribe_events_cost_unformatted', 'tribe_not_show_free_or_dash', 10, 2 );


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  • Updated December 2019
  • Tested with Event Tickets 4.10.5 and Event Tickets Plus 4.10.4
  • Author: Stephen


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