What is a shortcut?

A shortcut is a great way to save time!
Think of it as a super-charged message template.

With a shortcut you can pre-define:

  • Subject Line and Message content - copy and merge tags
  • Default Audience - attendees of this event or attendees of all events
  • Scheduling (optional) - decide when the message will get sent relative to the event's date, start or end time

For example, instead of having to manually create a message to send a reminder to attendees of an event 3 days before the event, you can use the "Event Reminder" shortcut instead.
In one click, have your reminder message ready to go.

To get you started, we created a collection of 12 often-used default shortcuts.
But what if I you don't like our default shortcuts? No worries, you can customize any of our default shortcuts to your liking.

Better yet, you can create your very own custom shortcut from scratch!

There are two ways to use shortcuts:

  1. From the "Shortcuts" menu
  2. From the Message Editor