Deprecation of the Block Editor Toggle

If you use Event Tickets with The Events Calendar, you are probably familiar with the blocks toggle. If not, it sits quietly in your general events settings:

If you have used this, we have some news for you. If you haven't, we still have some news for you!

The toggle is going away! The setting will no longer be available in an upcoming release and the block editor will be active by default, if the Gutenberg Block Editor is enabled on your site.

Originally meant as a way for folks to test out blocks before the release of Gutenberg Block Editor, the toggle has outlived its use since the time the Gutenberg Block Editor became "official" in WordPress 5.0. So, we're going to deprecate it and we're giving you a heads-up so you can prepare.

Soon, you will see this setting hide behind a notice that it's going away—that's to give you some time to prepare in case you miss the release notes when we publish them. Once this change happens, we'll be switching events and event tickets posts to use the block editor by default just like your posts and pages. Don't worry, you can still use a third-party plugin like Classic Editor or Disable Gutenberg to return your classic editor. The important thing is that events and tickets will follow the editor preferences for the rest of the site for a more consistent WordPress editing experience across the entire admin of your site.

After a short time, we'll remove the toggle entirely. At that point, your site will follow the same rules for standard WordPress posts. We expect that most folks using the classic editor for events are also using one of the plugins that disables the block editor, and we want to remove any additional layers or confusion as to which editor you should expect.