Disable the events menu on the dashboard for non-admins

There are numerous ways to hide and move around elements in the dashboard. I would highly suggest two plugins for this, both of which are available on the WordPress.org plugin repo:

Taking this course of action involves two steps. (We're going to use Adminimize in this example, but keep in mind that Admin Menu Editor has a nice PRO version which -- if you were to purchase -- offers slightly nicer controls for this task.)

First, download and install Adminimize from the link above or via WordPress and activate it. Then go to Settings > Adminimize and deactivate the Events menu for any user groups you want. You'll also see that you have control over a lot of other things for your users with this plugin.

Second, add the code below to your theme's functions.php file which will hide the Events admin bar drop down for non-administrators. You'll need to modify it if you need specific control for certain groups. You can find more out about how to do that by looking at the documentation for current_user_can.

// show events menu in admin bar only for admins
if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {