Why we don't offer phone support

We have a dedicated support team of more than a dozen people who are available via our help desk forum.  We want to do our best to help you with comments, questions, or problems with our event and ticket plugins.

All our support is online-based via our help desk. We have decided to keep our support online-based for these reasons:

  • Efficiency - We can troubleshoot issues, and we don't need to put you on hold.
  • Detailed 2-way support - We frequently implement 2-way sharing of screenshots, links, code snippets and details about your system setup.
  • Support records and support history are kept in one place - We want to be sure that useful information doesn't get lost.
  • Transparency and team effort - We can join forces with our entire team to troubleshoot complex issues quickly.
  • Better quality work - We work remotely around the globe and the clock to better serve you. We value flexible working times with a great work/life balance to ensure that when we're helping you, we are more focused and productive.
  • Global clients - By providing a text-based solution for support, our clients can use text translation tools as needed and understand responses.

See also: Scope of Support / Terms.

While we may not be available by phone, we are ready and looking forward to helping you in our Help Desk.