Event Tickets Plus App Error Messages

Our Event Tickets Plus App is the easiest and fastest way to check-in your attendees directly from your Android or iOS device without the need to log in to your site. But sometimes, things don't work out exactly as expected. These are the error messages you might encounter:

  1. Please verify your API key is correctly entered on the settings page.
    API key is not entered correctly. => Check your API key to ensure it matches the key on your WordPress installation.
    WordPress endpoint is not available => Make sure The Events Calendar REST API is not blocked or disabled.
  2. Scan failed, try again
    Something failed with the scan. Either it's not loading correctly, or your WordPress site is not available.
  3. Camera permission is not granted
    You'll need to allow the app to have camera permissions. Go to another screen and then come back to the scanner to have permission asked for again if you click deny.

Don't hesitate to pay us a visit over at our help desk if you should have any further questions--we're more than happy to assist