Showing events and venues in breadcrumbs

The Events Calendar comes with some built-in conditionals that can be very useful when customizing your templates. Recently, a user asked why events were not showing up correctly in his breadcrumbs.

Unless your breadcrumb code is checking for custom taxonomies, it's not going to know what to do with events and venues. Most breadcrumb plugins use a mix of conditionals to determine what to show, and often custom taxonomies don't make it into the mix. If you want to show breadcrumbs with events, you'll need to change that.

To do so, copy the snippet below into your theme's functions.php file. This code uses our built-in conditionals to handle events and venues.

  • You can use it verbatim- just add tribe_breadcrumbs(); to your page template.
  • If you use a theme framework, add an action hook wherever you want the breadcrumbs to appear: add_action('hook_name','tribe_breadcrumbs');

This code is based on the Thesis Breadcrumbs Without Plugins code.