GDPR Update

GDPR is the latest ‘hot topic’ in our industry right now.  As such, we’ve received many user inquiries as to how we are handling this measure, and how we can help our users to handle it as well.

With that in mind, we are providing our users with statements that can be used for each plugin, in order to make GDPR compliance easier and simpler. You’ll also be able to find these statements in our upcoming releases (estimated early-mid July), using WordPress’ new Privacy Tools (e.g. Dashboard > Settings > Privacy > "Check out our guide").

While we (at Modern Tribe) work towards building in new features and tools with the goal of assisting in your own ongoing GDPR compliance, we’ve constructed two separate policy statements for each of our plugins:

Data Collection Disclosure Statement:

This statement identifies the type of data that may be collected by Modern Tribe, Inc. through the use of our plugin.  This allows you the transparency into the type of data we collect, which helps us to continue to build a better, more stable product suite.

Site Owner Data Collection Statement:

This statement is provided to you ‘as is’ that you can use within your own Privacy Policy.  The purpose of this statement is to help you understand the type of data you are collecting from your own end users.  To that end, this will allow you to create and build your own policy statements however needed.

Here are statements for each of the following plugins:

Events Calendar PRO

The Events Calendar with Event Aggregator

Community Events

Community Tickets

Event Tickets

Event Tickets Plus

Filter Bar


Image Widget Plus

Eventbrite Tickets