What support is provided for license holders?

We have a dedicated help desk where we provide support services for our premium plugins. Please note that it may be 24-48 hours before we respond to new tickets and we do not generally provide support over weekends. While we aim to be as fast as we can, we ask for your patience during periods of peak support activity.

You must have an active subscription to receive support for our premium plugins and services. We encourage you to login before submitting a new ticket – that way, we'll be able to connect you with the right team members a whole lot faster.

Alternatively, if you are looking for free support (for The Events Calendar, Event Tickets or another free plugin) you can head over to the relevant WordPress.org forum and post your question there. Those forums are not monitored daily and are primarily a place for community members to help one another ... but we do check in and try to assist whenever possible:

We do not currently provide either live chat or phone-based support! If you need assistance, our Help Desk is the best and fastest place to seek help.

Modern Tribe Inc. plugin support covers help with setting up the latest version of the product and direction on how to use the latest version of the product as advertised. Our support service does not cover help with theme or plugin customization beyond the advertised features (see examples of support vs. customization below), nor does it cover help on sites that are heavily customized or in situations where the core plugin files have been modified. Please note that we cannot provide support to users who refuse to follow our troubleshooting steps.

If a user finds a bug in our code, we will ticket it to be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release. We have a regular release cycle for bug fixes, but we can not guarantee nor can we commit to a timeframe for a specific fix. We do our best to update threads when a fix is coming soon.

Plugin Support Examples (Supported)

  • “I understand the plugin is capable of a certain feature but need help figuring out how to use it.”
  • “I’m trying to install and activate the plugin but am experiencing difficulties and need some help.”
  • “I’m following the tutorial/new user primer but it still isn’t working. What am I doing wrong?”
  • “I’m having trouble upgrading to the latest version.”

Plugin Customization Examples (Not Supported)

  • "What functions or other code do I need to use to be able to achieve X?" (Where "X" is something that is not provided out-of-the-box by our plugins.)
  • “I wish to change the color, styling or layout of calendar views.”
  • “Your plugin is currently doing X. Please help me modify the code to make it do Y.”
  • “I would like to integrate the plugin with a third party plugin, theme or service.”
  • “I need to add extra functionality, meta boxes or user interface elements to the plugin’s admin screens.”
  • “I want to change the types of user who can and cannot access various plugin features to something other than the defaults.”
  • “I want to create a custom view that does X, Y, and Z.”

Please also note that Modern Tribe’s support team cannot log into the dashboard of customer WordPress sites. We ask that users follow our troubleshooting steps and work with our team to solve their issues in as timely a fashion as possible. Posting admin credentials directly to our help desk is strongly advised against due to the associated security risks.