Moving Your License Keys

When purchasing a new plugin and establishing a premium user account on, you'll gain access to a number of additional site sections for managing your account and orders. In particular, the following sections contain all that you'll need to get set up with your premium plugins:

  • Our Downloads page contains downloadable archives for any plugins you've purchased.
  • Our License Keys page contains details about your purchased key(s) and the domains on which they are being used.

With the exception of our Unlimited licenses, all license keys are limited to a certain number of activations, meaning that they can only be used on a specific number of sites at one time. If you'd like to use a license key on a different site than one it's currently being used on, you don't need to buy another license—you can just move your existing key. This can be helpful if your site has changed URLs recently or if you'd like to transfer a license key from testing to a production environment. This guide will walk you through the steps needed to complete a successful migration of your license key.

1. Delete the License Key from the Original Site

If the site from which you are migrating no longer exists at the specified URL (as in cases where a testing site has been deactivated), this step can be safely skipped. Please proceed to step two.

First, log in to the WordPress admin of your originating site (the site from which you are transferring your license key). Navigate to Events > Settings > License Keys from your WordPress sidebar, delete the license from the appropriate license key field, and click Save Changes. When the page refreshes, make sure that the field is empty and your license key no longer shows.

2. "Disconnect" the License Key from the Original Site

Next, log into your account here on and go to My Account > License Keys. You'll see a display that looks something like this:

Events Calendar PRO license key showing two activation slots currently in use

You should see a Disconnect now link to the right of each populated URL field. Click the Disconnect now link for the site that you are no longer using (and from which you removed the license key in step one).

A pop-up should appear asking you to confirm this choice—once clicked, the page should refresh, and the license will be disconnected from the selected site.

3. Add the License Key on the New Site

Once you've completed step two, the license key should be ready for use on another site. You should see an empty spot on the License Keys page where the old domain name once was, as shown in this screenshot:

Events Calendar PRO license key showing one activation slot currently in use and two slots open for new activations

Each empty space confirms that a slot is available for this license key to be activated on another site.

If you've recently downloaded, uploaded, and activated your plugin on a new site, your license key should be included and activated automatically. You can confirm this by logging in to your new site's WordPress admin and navigating to Events > Settings > License Keys. If there is no active license key in the appropriate field, simply log in to your account and navigate to My Account > Licenses. Copy the license key that you wish to activate, paste it into the appropriate license key field on your new site, and click the Save Changes button to complete your new activation!