Schema for The Events Calendar and Yoast SEO

You have events on your website. You'd like Google to show those events in search results. To do that, search engines need data that's formatted in a specific way so it knows how to properly crawl the content and include it in search results. The two most widely recognized data formats include Schema and JSON-LD and The Events Calendar uses them both so that both your calendar and events are search engine optimized right out of the box.

However, if you are using Yoast SEO with our plugins, there's a chance that your content is getting served twice to search engines — something called "duplicate content" in SEO jargon. Search engines frown upon duplicate content because it looks like an attempt to trick search engines into ranking content better in search results. 

That's where Schema Glue for Yoast & The Events Calendar by WP Munich comes in. This simple but effective plugin consolidates the places search engines need to crawl into a single place rather than letting a site take a hit for duplicate content.

So, say your site has both The Events Calendar and Yoast SEO installed. Schema Glue does exactly what the name says and takes the duplicated efforts of those two plugins and sticks them together for search engines to read and rank your content.

The plugin also provides more SEO benefits, such as additional information on images in the calendar's archive views (e.g. List view), Schema for recent events when the calendar is being used on a site's front page. Oh, and it is compatible with Google's Rich Snippet testing tool and will show event IDs as well, which is great for troubleshooting content.

Once installed, Schema Glue will add a setting within our Events > Settings panel. 

Is your geeky side interested in the results? Here's a side-by-side look at what search engines see on your site with and without the calendar's Scheme consolidated. The highlighted area shows that the schema for the whole page is in one location.


If you're ready to test these results for yourself, grab this free plugin now. 


Schema Glue for Yoast & The Events Calendar by WP Munich


🔔 Note: This is a 3rd party independent plugin. We love it, and hope you will too. If you need support with this plugin, please head to the plugin's support forum.