Ignored Events

What are Ignored Events?

With The Events Calendar 4.3 and beyond, imported events can be set to the status of Ignored. Marking an imported event as ignored is similar to moving a regular event to the trash. The event record still exists, but the event will not be visible on your calendar.

If an Ignored Event is imported a second time, the event may update (depending on your import update settings) but it will not be duplicated or visible on your calendar. You can safely perform bulk or automatic imports without worrying about duplicate or unwanted events.

Ignored events have their own archive within the events admin just like Trash. You can find any ignored events listed here.

Ignored Events Archive Ignored Events Archive

How to ignore an event

You can ignore events in the admin events list by clicking the red Hide & Ignore link under an individual event. You can remove multiple events at once by selecting them and using the Move to Trash option but Bulk Actions. Any selected imported events will be moved to Ignored, while conventional events move to the Trash archive.

Ignoring a single event from within the events admin
 Ignoring a single event from within the events admin

When viewing an individual event, you can ignore an event by clicking the red Hide & Ignore link under Publish Options.

Ignoring an event from within the event editor
 Ignoring an event from within the event editor

Ignored events can be edited and updated like a standard event. However, they will continue to be hidden from your calendar unless you specifically restore them.

How to restore an event

If you wish to restore an ignored event, you can do so from the individual event page or the Ignored archive.

From the Ignored Archive, click the Restore link under an individual event to return that event to Published status and add it back to your calendar. Site visitors will now be able to view the event.

Restoring an Ignored Event Restoring an Ignored Event

You can also select multiple events and use the Restore option under the Bulk Action drop-down.

If you want to restore an event from the single event editor screen, simply click the blue Publish button.

Permanently deleting ignored events

In some cases, you may want to permanently delete an ignored event. Keep in mind that if you delete the ignored event and then that same event gets re-imported (perhaps in a regularly scheduled import) then the event will come back into your site and show on your calendar. If you want to prevent duplication and keep that event off your calendar, the best thing to do is to leave it as ignored.

That said, if you want to permanently delete an ignored event, you can. Hover over any event in the ignored events archive and you'll see a red Delete Permanently link.​

​​​​​​Permanently delete an ignored event Permanently delete an ignored event

You'll also see a Delete Permanently link on individual ignored events.

Once an event is permanently deleted, it is gone from your site and your database.