What is This Charge on My Credit Card?

The quick answer is that you or someone in your organization signed up for our services.

What is Promoter?

Promoter is an online service that allows you to send and manage messages to event attendees. It connects to The Events Calendar, a WordPress plugin used for creating and managing events on a WordPress site.

Promoter was created in 2018 by Modern Tribe, a group of passionate designers, developers, thinkers and tinkerers.

What is the Charge For?

Promoter requires a subscription that unlocks access to the ability to send messages to people who have registered for an event. That subscription is billed annually for one single low price and renews automatically at the start of each billing cycle.

Who Signed Up for This?

If you do not recall signing up for a Promoter account yourself, please ask other members of your team or of your organization. Promoter does require a credit card number during sign-up, so a good place to start is with anyone who may have access to your credit card number.

If you cannot find out who signed up for the account, contact our Help Center. We will gladly work with you to verify the charge and provide you with account information that may help determine who signed up for the account.

Where Can I Get a Receipt?

You can find a list of all your past orders on the My Subscriptions page of your account on theeventscalendar.com. To see past orders, log in to your account and click the My Subscriptions link in the sidebar.

How Do I Cancel My account?

Promoter accounts are subscriptions that can be canceled at any time. 

To end your subscription:

Of course, you will still be asked for confirmation first. You know, just to be extra sure.

Your subscription will expire at the end of the billing cycle and we will not bill you again.

As a side note, we are always sad to see our customers go. Please reach out to us to let us know what did not work for you. We have found this to be the best way to improve on our services.