Automatic updates

You will be automatically alerted any time there is an updated version available for The Events Calendar or any of our other add-ons. These updates will be listed in your WordPress admin screen under Dashboard > Updates when they are ready for you.

Display on WordPress admin when an update is available to install

To install any available updates, simply check the box next to each plugin you'd like to update, then click the Update Plugins button to start the process. WordPress will begin the download and installation process, and your plugin(s) will be automatically reactivated once the update has been installed.

Hey, I'm not seeing any available updates!

If you're not seeing any available updates on your WordPress dashboard and you're sure that an update is available for a premium plugin, it's worth double-checking to ensure that a) your subscription is still active and b) your license key or keys have been entered properly. Here's how to check:

  • Check your licensing. You can find a complete list of your account's license keys by logging into this site and heading to My Account > License Keys. If one or more of your license keys are currently expired, now would be a good time to reactivate those subscriptions.
  • Copy your license key. Once you've located the license key for your product and confirmed that it's active and ready to use, copy the full text of that key to your clipboard.
  • Log into WordPress. Head over to your site, log into your WordPress dashboard, and enter the license key into the correct text field under Events > Settings > Licenses.
  • Save your settings. This will save your work.

Voila! You are now all set to start receiving automatic notifications when a new version for your plugin is available. Keep in mind that you may need to refresh your Updates page a few times after inputting a license key.