Remove country from address field

By default, The Events Calendar will display the country of where an event is located. This shows up in the meta box below the event content, like this:

Country Label on an Event Page

Sometimes it's helpful to remove the country name. For example, if all of your events are in the United States and your audience is generally local, then you might not want to show the country because it's assumed the event is already there.

We can knock that bad boy out with a little CSS trickery. It's a bit of a hack but gets the job done. Paste the snippet below into your theme (or child theme) CSS file to make it happen. That file should be in your theme directory and be called style.css.

Note that this will only remove the country on the individual event pages. The country will still show on venue pages and calendar views (when applicable).

.tribe-events-meta-group dd.location span.tribe-country-name {
  position: absolute;
  top: -10000px;
  visibility: hidden;
To achieve the same effect on an event created in Block Editor, use:
.single-tribe_events .tribe-country-name {
    display: none;