Decreasing the waiting time between an order placed and the attendee data created.


You might have noticed that some time (around 5 minutes) has to pass after an order has been placed before you can see the attendee and order data, and before the ticket is sent out via email to the user.

More specifically it will take about 5 minutes for:

  • the attendee to show up on the Attendees page of the event
  • the order show up on the Orders page of the event
  • the buyer to receive the tickets

This is a safeguarding measure we put in place because we have received reports of some users receiving more tickets that purchased in certain scenarios, where the payment processor sent back 2 responses to the website for one purchase, and so two tickets got created and sent.)

It is possible to adjust that waiting time - in either direction - with a little snippet.


Copy the below code into your (child) theme's functions.php file (or wherever you usually put custom code).


Event Tickets / Event Tickets Plus


To reduce the 'waiting time' to 2 minutes, use this:

add_filter( 'tribe_ticket_generation_delay', function () { return '+2 minutes'; } );

If you would like to totally eliminate the waiting time then you can use this. Note however that this is only recommended on staging sites where no actual purchases are being processed.

add_filter( 'tribe_ticket_generation_delay', function () { return 'now'; } );


  • Originally written in February 2019
  • Tested with Event Tickets 4.9.4; Event Tickets Plus 4.9.2
  • Author: AndrĂ¡s Guseo


As with all of our recipes, please note that we share this in the hope it will be useful but without any guarantees or commitments. If you wish to use it, it is your responsibility to test it first of all and adapt it to your needs (or find someone who can do so on your behalf). We are unable to provide further support in relation to this recipe.