Moving to Event Aggregator

With the release of The Events Calendar 4.3, we have a fabulous new importer tool available. Event Aggregator allows you to import events from across the web- from iCalendar, Google Calendar, or Meetup, as well as from ICS or CSV files. It does not currently support importing events from Facebook. You can do manual or scheduled imports and manage all your imports easily from within your dashboard.

Previously, we had two importer plugins: Facebook Events and iCal Importer. Event Aggregator combines the best of those plugins with a bunch of new features, improved design, and increased importing powers. While we will continue to support the legacy importer plugins, we will not be updating them. All future features will be released through Event Aggregator.

Happily, any user who has a valid license for Facebook Events or iCal Importer automatically gets a valid license for Event Aggregator. The license will have the same expiration date as your existing one(s). This means that users of our legacy importer plugins can easily switch to Event Aggregator, and get access to new features and future updates. 

Event Aggregator is not a new plugin- it's a service that is built into The Events Calendar. The premium features are activated by a license key. Unlike our plugins, Event Aggregator has only one level of a license key. You can use it on up to 10 sites, but each license key is limited to 100 individual imports per day.

Transitioning to Event Aggregator

We worked hard to make the move from the legacy importing plugins to Event Aggregator as seamless and stress-free as possible. The steps below will walk you through the process.

To make transitioning easy, we built in a migration tool which will move your existing Facebook Events or iCal Importer settings into Event Aggregator. That said, we recommend that you backup your database before making the switch, just in case.

Ready to make the move to Event Aggregator? Just follow these steps:

1. If you haven't already, update The Events Calendar to version 4.3.

2. Go to Events --> Settings --> License Keys. Enter the Event Aggregator license key from your license keys page in the new empty field. Click the button to save your changes.

3. Once you've entered your license key, you'll see a notification like this appear:
kb-ea-deactivate4. Click the link to go to your Plugins page. From there, deactivate iCal Importer and/or Facebook Events.

5. Go to Events > Settings > Imports and configure your Event Aggregator settings. In particular, be sure to check your Event Update Authority setting. If you have made local changes to your existing imported events, you may want to switch from the default option.

6. Go to Events > Imports. You'll see a notification like this at the top of your screen:

7. Click the Migrate button(s) to move your settings from the legacy importer(s) to Event Aggregator.

That's it, you're done! Any imports you had set up in the legacy plugins will now be accessible on the new Scheduled Imports tab.

Want to learn more about Event Aggregator? Check out the New User Primer! If you need further assistance, you can reach out via our help desk.