Problems with Minification

Some WordPress plugins or web hosts minify your scripts and stylesheets, which can sometimes be the cause of front-end loading or display errors for The Events Calendar.

One of the most common reasons for errors when using caching or minification plugins (a single plugin or service will offer both caching and minifying features) is that the order of scripts and stylesheets loaded on a page is altered in a problematic way.

If you have a caching or minification plugin enabled and notice the front-end of your site works once you disable minification, then we'd recommend you not minify.

If you want or need to minify and the plugin or web hosting service allows you to ignore scripts and stylesheets from specific sources, then you should set it to ignore assets from The Events Calendar and its add-on plugins.

But what about performance?

The Events Calendar and all of its add-ons, by default, load minified JavaScript, minified CSS, and optimized images.

Even if you ignore The Events Calendar's assets in your minification setup, our plugins' optimized assets will load in a high-performance manner.