Removing Block Editor Detritus From Your Posts

So, you tried out the block editor and it's not for you. But after "switching back" by installing a plugin—like Disable Gutenberg or Classic Editor—you are seeing some weirdness. Maybe it's unexpected things in the editor or maybe it's blocks still showing up on the page or post after they've been removed. How can you fix that?

We hope you're testing on a staging site because that's the safest way to make sure changes or updates to your site never reach your visitors. Either way, we've got you covered and have some steps to get things back to normal.

Step 1: Locate the post in question

First things first: find the post that is causing you problems and open it in the editor.

Assuming you're in the Classic Editor, you will see two tabs on the right side of the WYSIWYG editor. The first tab is Visual and the second is Text. These toggle the view of the editor between editing content using the formatting tools provided at the top of the editor versus editing content in plain HTML.

Don't see those tabs? Go to your profile (at [your-site]/wp-admin/profile.php) and make sure the visual editor checkbox is unchecked:

If that option isn't working, then talk to your admin because there may something else at play—like a plugin or theme conflict—and you'll need it for the next step!

Step 2: Clear out the HTML comments

All good? Once you're back in the post editor and have selected the Text view, you may see something like this in the editor:

<!-- wp:tribe/tickets -->
<div class="wp-block-tribe-tickets"><!-- wp:tribe/tickets-item {"hasBeenCreated":true,"ticketId":325} -->
<div class="wp-block-tribe-tickets-item"> </div>
<!-- /wp:tribe/tickets-item -->

<!-- wp:tribe/tickets-item {"hasBeenCreated":true,"ticketId":357} -->
<div class="wp-block-tribe-tickets-item"> </div>
<!-- /wp:tribe/tickets-item --></div>
<!-- /wp:tribe/tickets -->

These are the tickets block and nested ticket blocks and all of those funky arrows, slashes and dashes are WordPress converts blocks back into HTML when the Block Editor has been disabled. Any line of code that is wrapped in a comment can safely be deleted. In other words, that's anything that starts with...

 <!-- wp:

...and ends with


For example, this is a line that can safely be deleted:

<!-- wp:tribe/tickets-item {"hasBeenCreated":true,"ticketId":325} -->

If you want to play it really safe, save the post first, then start deleting those lines. This will ensure that all your plugins react appropriately to the "new" interface.

Step 3: Re-save the post and confirm the fix

Now that the HTML has been cleaned up, go ahead and re-save the post and check it again on the front end. Has the funkiness cleared up? We hope so because those comments are the most common cause for issues when switching between the Block Editor and the Classic Editor.

Are you still having issues even after removing those comments? Visit our Help Desk and let us take a look.