Send and Schedule Messages

Once you’ve created a message, previewed it and are ready to send it out to your attendee list, it’s time to schedule your message. There are two options for sending messages.

1. Send Immediately

If you’re ready to send a message right away, just click on the "Send Now" button.

After clicking on "Send Now", you still need to confirm that you want to send the message before it actually goes out. This helps prevent sending a message by accident.

Select “Yes” from the “Send This Message” dropdown and click “Confirm” for the message to be sent.

2. Schedule to Send Later

Promoter allows messages to be scheduled so that they are sent at a specific date and time. Once the required message details have been completed, set the date and time you wish the message to be delivered at and click on the "Schedule" button.

Pro tip: You can cancel a scheduled message at any time (before it is sent). You can read more about that in our Cancel Message guide.