Additional Fields for Venues and Organizers

Events Calendar PRO includes a cool Additional Fields feature that allows you to include additional information in each event listing. Perhaps you'd like to add similar custom fields to your Venue and Organizer pages. This tutorial will get you started!

Firstly you'll need the snippet(s) to add WordPress custom fields to your backend venue and organizer pages.

Please reference Best Practices for Implementing Custom Code Snippets for how to implement custom code snippets.

For venues:

For organizers:

If you want to use custom fields just on the admin side, you're all set. But you might want those fields to show on the front end too. In that case, you'll want to add one more snippet:

With that in place, your custom fields will show on the front-end. Keep in mind that you'll likely need to do some additional formatting and styling to get things looking exactly how you want. But we'll leave that up to you!

An unstyled example with the above snippets

An unstyled example with the above snippets