Downgrading a plugin to a past version

Sometimes you need to downgrade a plugin to a previous version. Perhaps your theme, or a different plugin, is not compatible with the latest version of The Events Calendar.

If your a theme or plugin becomes incompatible with The Events Calendar when you update, make sure to first notify the author of that theme/plugin. Sometimes they are already making a fix, and will share it will you. Or, they might not even be aware of the incompatibility and will never begin working on a fix until they are aware. We will happily work directly with plugin and theme authors to assist them in making things compatible.

Please note that if you choose to downgrade to an outdated version, we cannot provide support. We are only able to provide support when you are running the most up to date versions of our plugins.

Find past versions of our plugins

You can find past version of premium Events add-ons you have purchased by logging in to this website. In the main menu go to My Account > Downloads. Here you will see a list of all the products you purchased and a drop-down to select the version number. Click the drop-down, select the version you would like to switch to, and click download. Remember where you save this file, as you will need to upload it to WordPress.


You can download past versions of our core plugin, The Events Calendar, from Visit this page and scroll down to the heading "Previous Versions" to see a list of all previous versions of our plugin. Find the version you wish to download and click on the version number to download it.

Make sure that even if you downgrade, you are running compatible versions of all Events plugins. So if you need to downgrade Events Calendar PRO, you'll need to also downgrade The Events Calendar and any other Events plugins you are running.

Perform a Downgrade

  1. Make a backup. Just to be completely safe WordPress recommends that you make a backup before upgrading plugins. The same is true when downgrading. In general, events and settings information will be preserved through an update or downgrade. But you always want to backup in case something goes sideways.
  2. Delete the plugin. Go to WP-Admin > Plugins. Find each plugin you wish to downgrade, and click Deactivate. Once the plugin is deactivated, you can now click Delete.
  3. Add the new plugins. Once all of the plugins have been deleted, click the "Add New" button on that same page. This will take you to the Add Plugins page. Click the button that says "Upload Plugin". In the file chooser, select one of the plugins that you previously downloaded then click Install Now. Repeat this step for each plugin file that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Go back to WP-Admin > Plugin, and activate all of the plugins you just downgraded.

You have just successfully downgraded!