Horizontal List Widget with Featured Images

Our friend Sallie Goetsch (aka WPfangirl) is using The Events Calendar on a client's site and generously did some blog posts with full tutorials for cool customizations.

In this tutorial, Sallie walks through how she made a cool horizontal list widget with featured images. She used one of our tutorials, Add Thumbnails to Upcoming Events List Widget, as a starting point. With a bit of additional php in her template override and some CSS, Sallie made this lovely horizontal list widget which looks great on a homepage.

Custom horizontal list widget by Sallie Goetsch

Custom horizontal list widget by Sallie Goetsch

Please note: we are happy to share awesome third-party tutorials with our users. However, we are not able to provide any support for these customizations. If you run into trouble following the tutorial, please get in touch with the author. 

The above tutorial was originally published on April 21, 2015.