How Do I Update My Account Profile?

Access your profile from the top-right corner of the Promoter dashboard: Update the name, email address, or password of your account from the Profile screen: Note: Changing passwords requires entering the current password. We do this to protect your account.

Can I Sync My Account With Another Website?

Each Promoter account can sync with one website. If you are looking to sync additional sites, then purchase an additional license per site, enter the license in the WordPress admin of each site, then link them up during the Promoter account setup.

What is This Charge on My Credit Card?

The quick answer is that you or someone in your organization signed up for our services. What is Promoter? Promoter is an online service that allows you to send and manage messages to event attendees. It connects to The Events Calendar (, a WordPress plugin used for creating and managing events on a WordPress site. Promoter was created in 2018 by Modern Tribe (, a group of passionate designers, developers, thinkers and tinkerers. What is th...

How Do I Delete My Account?

To exercise your rights under GDPR and send a request to Modern Tribe, please fill in our GDPR rights form ( Even though Modern Tribe is based in the United States, we strive to remain compliant with the EU's GDPR directive for our EU users. As such, we’ve compiled the information below, that you may review at any time. If you have further questions, it's best to contact us by email. If you are making a data request, please use our request form (http...

Why Am I Unable to Send Messages?

If you are unable to send messages, then chances are that your account has been placed on hold. This only happens when you have exceeded the sending limits of our API or there was a failed transaction when trying to renew your subscription. You are still able to access your account when it is placed on hold and your data, including messages you have created, will remain in place. Please contact us ( if your account is on hold so we can help u...

What Happens if I Cancel My Subscription?

Promoter subscriptions are annual and can be canceled any time during the subscription. You will still be able to continue to use Promoter and access your account throughout the remainder of your annual subscription after canceling. You will not be charged at the next billing cycle. We will hang onto your account so you can continue to access it even after you cancel and your account is inactive. That way, you are able to log in and reference your archive of past messages and attendees. The onl...

How Do I Update My Payment Information?

All payment information and billing records can be found in your account ( Log in with the email address and password you created when purchasing your Promoter subscription and then navigate to the Payment Methods ( screen to add, edit and remove payment options.