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We understand that our users have diverse needs and expectations when it comes to our products, and here at Modern Tribe, we've worked hard to craft solutions for meeting any and all requirements. Each of our offerings comes well-equipped with a broad sampling of practical features, and our documentation resources and extensions cover a variety of use cases for those who wish to take their plugins even further. And while we've endeavored to make our products accessible for non-developers, we've also provided ample opportunities for power users to build custom implementations on top of our products. The sites featured in our showcase demonstrate just a handful of custom builds executed by the skilled developers who work with our products, and we're delighted to exhibit their talents here.

While all current premium subscribers are entitled to support access for their licensed products, members of our team are unable to provide custom development services or offer support for any existing customizations. For custom development projects of this type, we recommend reaching out to a qualified agency or WordPress developer for more information. We've provided a list of potential freelance referral sources below. Relevant notes regarding minimum project cost/scope are included where appropriate.

Please note that this list is provided as a courtesy to our customers, and we make no guarantees of any kind regarding the listed entities. Modern Tribe is unable to assist with any disputes related to work contracted from third-party agencies or developers.

In addition to these, a number of freelance marketplaces exist for WordPress developers to advertise their services. Depending on the specifics of your project, these may be resources worth exploring. A few options to consider:

We hope that one or more of the above links may aid you in getting your next development project underway! Thanks for your support--we look forward to seeing what you create!