REST API Check-in for Event Tickets Plus App

What happens when the ET+ App is unable to recognize the REST API?

In the vast majority of cases, this is due to shared hosting environmental limitations and/or server settings. The likely cause of the error at this point would be that the host is not exposing the ticket check-in endpoint on their WP install properly.

The failure is when the response from the server is not JSON.

One user noted a fix was due to the following:

"It was resolved by increasing SUHOSIN settings on the account on the server."

Users can contact their hosting provider, informing them of the issue they are running into.

🔔Note: this is not a bug or breakage in the performance of the ET+ QR Code App.

We are currently working on building in a debug option to check the server response. We’ll also be adjusting the error messaging within the App and within Event > Settings. The release date is TBD.

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