Bundle Discounts

New Purchase Discounts

We offer bundle discounts for select product sets. Check out our bundles page to learn more about sweet sweet discounts on new purchases.

Renewal Discounts

As a thank you for customers, we provide discounts for auto-renewal purchases that include three or more licenses of qualifying products (e.g. Image Widget Plus and Elastic Events are not included in our discount offering). The discount starts at 5% and with each additional item, you get another 5% off for a maximum of 30% off.  Hot diggity!

# of Items Discount
3 5%
4 10%
5 15%
6 20%
7 25%
8 30%

Note that this discount only applies to licenses set to automatically renew. At this time it is not possible to merge subscriptions, but we're planning to implement that in the future so that you can qualify for the highest discount possible.