Stop Month View tooltips from obscuring event titles

Sometimes themes define rules that have the unfortunate side effect of making calendar tooltips obscure the name of the event they are linked to, something like this:


This obviously isn't ideal. Fortunately, a simple bit of CSS - which can be added to a suitable place your theme makes available for custom CSS rules, or else within your tribe-events.css stylesheet - will normally fix this:

.tribe-events-calendar .tribe-events-tooltip { margin-bottom: 50px; }

You may find you need to tweak that 50px value slightly to get the best result with your particular theme. Hopefully though it will help to correct this, so tooltips are positioned more appropriately:


Body Class Missing

If you find that does not fix the issue, you may want to check your theme and make sure it uses the body_class function on the opening body tag. The script that determines the position of the Tooltip references the output of the body class and could cause display issues without it.