Altering or removing titles on calendar views

Most of the calendar views contain a title, normally located just under the events bar.

KB - change headings

In the example, we can see that the title on the list view is Upcoming Events. It may be that you consider this to be superfluous and wish to remove it completely. Or, perhaps you wish to customize the wording to better mesh with your site. This guide walks you through both possibilities.

If you wish to remove this heading altogether, you will first need to understand how to create a theme override. The Themer's Guide explains this process in detail, so spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with that.

To remove a title you will create an override for that template. For instance, if you want to remove List View's title, create an override for list/content.php. Once created, open up the override file, locate and remove the following line of code:

<h2 class="tribe-events-page-title"><?php echo tribe_get_events_title() ?></h2>

There you have it, the title is gone! You can repeat a similar process on any of the other views.

If you wish to change the title to something like Future Events, add the snippet (listed in full below) to your theme's functions.php file. Then change this line:

$title_upcoming = 'Upcoming Events';


$title_upcoming = 'Future Events';

Using the snippet below and this formula, you can alter any of the events titles for the calendar!