Hide the 'Log in before purchasing' link


When using Tribe Commerce to sell tickets, there is a 'Log in before purchasing' link at the bottom of the ticket form. This is a link that will allow the users to create an account, but it doesn't enforce them to do so.

The link is not affected by the setting under Events > Settings > Tickets tab > Login requirements section > Require users to log in before they purchase tickets.

The below method will allow you to hide or remove this link when it is not needed, but will show the link when users are required to log in for a purchase.

Template Override

You can find more information about creating template overrides in our Themer's Guide.

You will need to create a template override of this file:


And place a copy of it here:


Open this later file for editing and look for this code in the beginning:

$is_there_any_product         = false;
$is_there_any_product_to_sell = false;
$are_products_available       = false;

Add the following line right after

$can_login                    = false;

At the end it should look like this:

$is_there_any_product         = false;
$is_there_any_product_to_sell = false;
$are_products_available       = false;
$can_login                    = false;

Save the file and check the results on the front-end.


Event Tickets


  • Originally written in November 2018
  • Tested with Event Tickets 4.8.3
  • Author: AndrĂ¡s Guseo


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