Add start time to event title in Month View

This snippet adds the start time for an event to its title in Month View. This helps people see at a glance when an event takes place.

KB start time in event title

Copy and paste the snippet below to your theme’s functions.php. Usually folks paste it somewhere near the top, just under the opening <?php tag.

We hope this tutorial helps you make your site extra awesome!

 * Adds start time to event titles in Month view
function tribe_add_start_time_to_event_title ( $post_title, $post_id ) {

	if ( !tribe_is_event($post_id) ) return $post_title;
	// Checks if it is the month view, modify this line to apply to more views
	if ( !tribe_is_month() ) return $post_title;

	$event_start_time = tribe_get_start_time( $post_id );

	if ( !empty( $event_start_time ) ) {
		$post_title = $event_start_time . ' - ' . $post_title;

	return $post_title;
add_filter( 'the_title', 'tribe_add_start_time_to_event_title', 100, 2 );