Duplicated 'Find Out More' links

By default, The Events Calendar’s List View shows a ‘Find Out More’ link to the individual event pages. Some themes also show a link like this for Custom Post Types (like an event) and thus sometimes a site will show two similar links per event.

To avoid doubling up on links, we’ve made a tutorial to help you remove the Tribe ‘Find Out More’ link from list-style views (List, Day, Photo, and Map View). The best way to remove the links is with CSS. In the code, this link is referred to as the ‘Read More’ link.

KB find out more link

You can use a plugin like Simple Custom CSS or another built-in CSS editor to add this line of code to remove the links. You can also use a template override to add a new CSS file with the code above. To do that, create a new folder in your currently active theme called ‘tribe-events’. Add a new file there called ‘tribe-events.css’ and add the code below.

.tribe-events-read-more { display: none !important; }