Using WordPress Export Tools to Migrate Events Content

Folks often ask us how to move events, venues, and organizers from one site to another. There are numerous ways to do this, but the WordPress Import and Export tools are as apt for the job as any other method; and they're very easy to use. Here’s a simple guide to using them.


In your site's Dashboard, go to Tools → Export, where you'll be able to select the post type to export. Then click "Download Export File". This will generate an XML file with the data. Download a separate export file for each Events-related post type: Venues, Organizers, and Events.



Once you have the export files, it's time to re-import them on your other site. Just go to Tools → Import → WordPress in your wp-admin, and choose the WordPress Importer tool. You'll be asked to install WordPress Importer plugin if you haven't already installed it—go ahead and install the importer plugin if prompted to do so, it should only take a second.


Now you are ready to import the data into your site. Just choose the export file and click "Upload File and Import". ⚠️ Be sure to import Venues and Organizers before you import Events (in case you are moving all three post types).


Once the file is uploaded, you'll see the following screen. Just choose which author to assign the imported content to, and also be sure to check the option "Download and Import File Attachments." Then click "Submit".


That's it! Your content should be added to your new site without issue and you can continue building your site from there.