Collecting Attendee Information

With Event Tickets Plus (version 4.1 or above) you can choose to collect additional information from people who RSVP or buy tickets to your events. By default, RSVPs collect the user's name and email address. People who purchase tickets are required to fill out their contact and payment information. However, if you want to collect additional information, you'll want to use the Attendee Information feature.

Attendee Registration Settings

Head to Events > Settings > Tickets to configure your Attendee Registration settings. 

Attendee Registration Modal: when this is checked, it will enable a modal popup on your site just before reaching the cart checkout. 


Attendee Registration Template: Attendee Information will be presented for ticket holders to complete during the checkout process.  You can change the look of this page or modal using the Attendee Registration template.

Attendee Registration Page: If you'd really like to have full control over blending the registration page to perfectly match your website, with methods to show sidebars, footers, or other page elements, using the Attendee Registration Page is the route to go.  Use the shortcode [tribe_attendee_registration] to display the attendee information fields to users on any page you'd like.

Attendee Information Options

Whenever you make a ticket or RSVP, you can click the Attendee Information option. If you expand this module, the full attendee information options will appear.

attendee information

This module allows you to define the fields you want your attendees to fill out when they RSVP or buy tickets. These groups of fields are called fieldsets. Click the + next to each field type to add it to your fieldset. You can add multiple fields of any type, define titles and options, and change the order of the things within the fieldset. Additionally, you can choose if fields are required or optional.


You can define different Attendee Information for different tickets, or choose to only collect information for some of your event's tickets. Go to Events and view your event in the list. Mouse over the name of the event and select "Attendees".

view attendees

View Attendee Information by selecting "View Details".

attendee details

Once you have your Attendee Information fields defined, click Save this ticket. The fields will then be saved, and your attendees will be asked to fill them out for each ticket they purchase.

(You'll also need to publish or update your event and walk through the checkout process to see those changes on the attendee registration page.)

The attendee information collected with each ticket sale or RSVP will be displayed with on your event's admin-side Attendees page.

Saving and Reusing Fieldsets

You can save an attendee information fieldset for future use by selecting the Save this fieldset for use on other tickets? option under the main fieldset options. If you check the box, you can title and save the fieldset.

Saved fieldsets can be used on other tickets in the same event, or for tickets on other events. Instead of adding the same fields in the information module, click the Start with a saved fieldset option. The fields will automatically populate, and you can save the ticket or edit as needed. Changes to a saved fieldset are not saved by default.

You can also access your saved fieldsets from the Ticket Fieldsets option under the Events menu in your WordPress dashboard. From there you can create, edit, and save fieldsets outside of the ticket creation process.

🔔 Note: While EDD allows for ticket quantity increases within their Checkout page, we've disabled this option when tickets have been added to the cart as it will break the prompt to add Attendee Registration details. 

⚠️WooCommerce plugins that enable the ability to change purchase quantity at checkout will sidestep the attendee registration and result in tickets sold without expected information.