Order invoices

If you've purchased a premium plugin from us and need an invoice, we've got you covered. You'll first want to find the order in question by logging in and going to My Account. Beneath the Profile Details section, you'll see Recent Orders.

Choose the order you'd like to have an invoice for and click the View link.

invoices - recent orders

That will take you to a page with the details of the order. From that page, you can print your invoice or save it as a PDF.

Adding a VAT number

If you need a specific VAT number to appear on your invoice, you can add it under Profile Details on your Account page. Any number added there will appear on your invoices under Customer Details.

Printing or saving your invoice

You can print your invoice by going to Print in your browser or by using CTRL + P (Windows) or Command + P (Mac). Chrome, Safari, and Firefox also have options for saving your invoice as a PDF. Find your browser and operating system below for more details.


From a Mac, select File --> Print or hit Ctrl + P. From the print preview, select Open PDF in Preview. From Preview you can save the invoice as a PDF or image file.

kb - invoices chrome


On a PC, open the Settings dropdown in your browser and select Print. From the print preview, make sure the destination is Save as PDF and then click Save.


Chrome Print Preview


There are two ways to save your invoice in Safari. The first option is to go to File > Export as PDF.

invoices - safari 1

If you'd like to print the invoice, go to File > Print.

invoices - safari 2

You can go ahead and print, or save a .PDF from the Preview by clicking the PDF dropdown on the bottom left.


To print or save your invoice from a Mac, first go to File > Print. Print from there, or click the PDF dropdown to save the invoice as a PDF.

invoices - firefox 1

On a Windows machine, you can print your invoice from Firefox but you cannot save it as a PDF. Click the Settings icon and then select Print.

KB - Windows Firefox

Internet Explorer

You can't save your invoice in Internet Explorer, but you can print it. If you need to save it as a PDF, we recommend using one of the other browsers listed above.

To print from a Mac, click the dropdown next to the printer icon and select Print.

invoices - IE8

If you're using Windows, click your Settings icon and then select Print.

KB - IE invoices