Manual Updates

Sometimes a user might run into an issue with their server configuration that won't allow them to automatically update plugins from within the WordPress Dashboard. In this tutorial, we'll walk through the steps required to manually update The Events Calendar or one of our other plugins using two different methods: Updating the plugin files via FTP and Updating the plugin files via the WordPress Dashboard.

Note: this tutorial will work with any of our plugins, as long as you change the applicable directory paths accordingly.

Although manually updating the plugins should still keep all of your data (events, settings, etc.) intact, it's always a smart idea to back up your data and files before performing any operation like this.  We recommend that all users perform site backups before manually updating their plugins.

Not sure how to do this?  The WordPress Codex has a great article that will help you out.

Downloading the plugin files

The first thing you'll want to do is to download a ZIP of the plugin that you're looking to update.  For our example, we'll be using the Events Calendar PRO.

First, login to your Modern Tribe account and go to your Downloads Page.  Then find the version of the plugin that you want to install and click the 'Download' link.


Download the plugin files

Note the location of the ZIP file that you just downloaded, since you'll be using this later in the tutorial.

Method 1: Replacing the plugin files via FTP

Next, you'll want to replace the plugin files on your server with the updated version that you've just downloaded.  To do this, you'll need to have FTP access to your site's hosting account, along with an FTP client.  If you've never used FTP before, this how-to guide can walk you through how to use it.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to 'Plugins' and click 'Deactivate' by the plugin that you'll be updating.


Deactivate the plugin that you'll be updating

Next, fire up your FTP client of choice and connect to your site's hosting server.  Then, navigate to 'wp-content/plugins/events-calendar-pro/' and delete all files within that directory, but leave the empty directory in tact.

Then, locate the previously downloaded ZIP file, and un-zip the contents to a directory on your computer.

Finally, upload these plugin files into the same directory on your server and reactivate the plugin in the WordPress dashboard.

Method 2: Replacing the plugin files via the WordPress dashboard

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to 'Plugins' and click 'Deactivate' by the plugin that you'll be updating.  Then, click 'Delete' next to the plugin.  Don't worry, your data will still remain in tact, but if something does go wrong, you still have your backups from Step One.

Deleting the Plugin

Deleting the Plugin

Next, go to 'Plugins --> Add New --> Upload Plugin,' browse for the ZIP file that you downloaded in step one, and click 'Install Now.'

Uploading the Updated Plugin

Uploading the Updated Plugin

Finally, click 'Activate Plugin' and you're back in business!

Final summary

Manually updating a plugin isn't a difficult process, but you should make sure to perform backups beforehand. Having problems with this, or need further help?  Just ask us a question at our help desk and we'll do our best to help you out.