Compatibility with WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce has a large and beloved collection of extensions that add to and sometimes even remove features from the popular eCommerce plugin. In fact, many of those who use The Events Calendar also run WooCommerce and some of its extensions, so we commonly hear variations of these questions:

"Is [insert WooCommerce extension name here] compatible with The Events Calendar?"

...or especially this:

"Is [insert WooCommerce extension name here] compatible with WooCommerce Tickets?"

We never answer these questions with 100% certainty because we do not actively monitor and test these extensions with our own plugins. (To do so would be a herculean task.) There are, however, some general rules of thumb for testing and confirming whether The Events Calendar and WooCommerce extensions are compatible. Let's look at those together.

Compatibility with The Events Calendar

There generally should be no conflicts between WooCommerce and The Events Calendar, since the calendar's features rarely overlap those of WooCommerce. Where The Events Calendar provides the ability to post, edit and manage events posts, WooCommerce handles transactions for a completely different post type of its own creation called Products. Events and Products do not touch each other right out of the box, so no conflicts are expected.

Compatibility with Event Tickets Plus

Similar to the above, we never expect a conflict between WooCommerce and Event Tickets Plus. WooCommerce allows you to create a tickets as Products directly in the event editor and displays those Products on the single event view when published.

Once a ticket has been added to the cart, WooCommerce takes the wheel and drives the rest of the transaction with no interaction from Event Tickets Plus. In other words, if you notice a transaction does not go through once a ticket has been added to the cart, it's likely on the WooCommerce side of things.

The Best Solution: Try it out

Until you actually have all the plugins in question running on your site, there is no definitive answer about whether a given WooCommerce extension will work with The Events Calendar or Event Tickets Plus. Your best option is just to try things out directly on your test site.

In the event that something doesn't work out the way you'd expect, we do offer a full refund on all products within 30 days of purchase. That should give you plenty of time to give things a whirl (hopefully in a test environment) and see if things play well together.

WooCommerce has a generous refund policy of its own, so there is next to no risk to give things a go.

Do you notice a conflict with a WooCommerce extension and The Events Calendar or Event Tickets Plus?

If so, try deactivating the WooCommerce extension – if The Events Calendar and Event Tickets Plus work fine with the extension disabled, then the extension itself is the culprit. We do not provide any support for WooCommerce extensions, so your best bet is to contact the support team behind that extension directly.