How to Test Block Editor with Events Calendar

Testing Block Editor Safely

WordPress version 5.0 introduced the block editor, which you may already be using for posts and pages. In this article, we're going to demonstrate a process for testing Block Editor functionality with The Events Calendar.  Many users of The Events Calendar and associated plugins, are already using block editor functionality and many more are just starting out.  Now is the time to decide if Block Editor is right for your site and your Events Calendar usage.

⚠️ Please Note: We highly recommend testing the block editor on a test/staging site before enabling it on your live site. Switching back and forth between the block and classic editors can lead to data loss (particularly with tickets and attendees) and other funky issues. It's best to check out the block editor on a staging site and then switch your live site over when you are confident about using the block editor for events going forward.

Getting started

  • Log into your staging site
  • Go to the admin console 
  • Choose Events → Settings and the display to the right will show the "General" tab 
  • Scroll down to the checkbox labeled "Activate Block Editor for Events" and check it
  • Be sure to save your settings.


That's it. Now when you load an event or a post with tickets, you will be able to use the block editor!

As a heads up, we will be phasing out this activation toggle soon. In its place, Block Editor users will see our event and ticket blocks. 

You can learn more about the WordPress Block Editor in our All Things Gutenberg resource center and be sure to follow our blog for regular updates.